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  2. Hi @lolololol Thank you for your question!

    I would say that the HPV vaccination is important regardless as it has been proven to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in women (most common canc...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  4. Hi @Seamus! Thank you for your question. 

    It can take about 2-3 months before the wart is completely gone. I would say they you should follow up with your GP to have a look to make sure it h...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  6. Hi @htg . Thank you for your question!

    I would say that if this is unusual for you, you should definitely see a gynaecologist. Sudden increase in menstrual flow/blood clots can indicate unde...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  8. Hi @Flowerqueen . 

    Apologies I don't quite understand your question. Are you asking why they recommended STI screening for you?

    Thanks! Apologies
    Dr. Adnaan S
  9. What's your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Use our free tool to calculate your BMI and we'll tell you if you're in the healthy range.

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  11. Hi @JgS. Thank you for your question. I hope your recovery has been smooth so far and it must be tough for you. 

    You are right to say that Fixcom can cause dizziness as it is a combination m...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  13. Hi @camilla unfortunately this sounds like an infection that has set in and started to progress. These infections can potentially spread and even extend into the bone, making it very difficult to t...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  16. Hi @WaterCh3ese . Thank you for your question!

    Based on your picture and the history you have given it doe seem suspicious of psoriasis. I would say you should see your GP for evaluation and...
    Dr. Adnaan S
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  18. Hi @anonymousgirl , some variations in period cycles are expected during periods of stress during exam periods for example, however they shouldn't be less than 21 days or more than 35 days on a reg...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  24. Hi @brontosaurus this sounds like a long-standing and persistent condition that needs to be evaluated.

    Some variations in period cycles are expected during periods of stress for example, ho...
    Dr. Dinesh G
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  26. Hi @curiousdaughter , it is generally safe to take panadol to relieve your menstrual cramps. Panadol is a safe medication as long as you keep to the dosage indicated - usually 2 tablets 3 to 4 time...
    Dr. Quah S