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How can I prevent astigmatism from Worsening?

What are some habits to prevent astigmatism from worsening due to long hours of laptop and smartphone usage? 2. Is Acuve Contact Lenses good and does it have bluelight and UV protection?
Can I swim or be exposed to the sun after wearing Acuve Contact Lenses for Astigmatism? I am concerned about the eye infection that might occur if I wear contact lenses 1 day UV blocking acuvue oasys contact lenses for a prolonged period of time.


Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @ongjunhao1997 good questions! Have added responses to each of them separately - 

For the first question, Astigmatism is a common cause of blur vision arising from irregular shape of the cornea (superficial layer of the eye) or lens (inside the eye). It is a structural problem that is not directly affected by screen exposure (smartphone/laptop use) although excessive use of these devices without breaks can cause other eye problems that may worsen your blur vision overall. For the latter, I recommend the 20-20 rule i.e. to take brief 20 second breaks to look at something in the distance, at least 20 meters away. This can be done every hour or so when using these devices for prolonged periods, and will help reduce your risk of eye strain.

For the second question, Acuvue contact lenses are generally a good option. Most contact lenses are not suitable for use while swimming due to all the organisms in the water. There are a few specialised options, but these are costly and hard to come by. Some recommend to use daily contact lenses with waterproof goggles for protection, and to throw the contact lens away after swimming without touching the eye at all. However, this is hard to do in practice and there is still risk of contamination. One option is to consider prescription goggles that incorporate refractive correction based on your vision - this is something you can speak to your optician about for available options. Some lenses and goggles do make such claims about blue and UV light. While they may offer some protection, it is recommended to take regular precautions and especially avoid directly looking towards the sun. Hope this helps!
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Hello Dr Dinesh G. Thanks for the detailed reply. Do you have facial wash and shampoo recommendations for cyst, acne and folliculitis?