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3 mths ago, I have a bad cut in my inner lips till todate I still feel uncomfortable. Any suggestion?

Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @eveline, thanks for your question! It depends what you mean by a bad cut. Generally If it requires stitching we would refer to it as a “bad cut”. That being said, with any cut, during the healing process, the body may form what is known as “fibrous tissue” around the cut. This Is usually the most common cause of discomfort as it is abnormal tissue which is usually very tight and hence causes discomfort especially with mouth movements. Unfortunately there is usually no remedy for this though you should consult a doctor in person or through telemedicine so that he can have a look. In rare cases there may be a growth that is causing the discomfort after the cut which may require removal. This is especially so if you notice the area of the cut is becoming darker/white/rough or scaly/ having discharge/ swelling. I hope this helps!
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