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A few months ago I received 2 bee stings - one on my left and one on my right foot, both are underneath. Sadly, this somehow triggered eczema in both my legs. May I know if this is a cause?

Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @curious_explorer sorry to hear about this! Yes, bee stings, or any irritant for the matter, can result in inflammation and aggravate eczema. That said, it is quite atypical for the effects of one-off exposures like these to persist for months.

You may want to have an in-depth review with your family physician or dermatologist that has been following up with you for this condition to try and assess why it may be worsening, or consider a video consultation online first to assess if you really need to make that trip down.

This can be done through one of the applications that provide medication delivery as well - more on this at this link:
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