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A month ago I suffered an occular stroke. Cause was ruled to probability of a small hole in heart. Past few days have a dull ache in my calf leg. Not strain or muscle pull. Cld it be a blood clot?

On Aspirin, also keeping mobile by walking and cycling. Applied normal gel for muscle ache. But still the dull ache is there few days now. 
Dr. Aditya S
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I'm sorry to hear about your occular stroke last month, I do hope you have managed to recover without much deficits. This full ache in your left calf sounds non specific, however as it is only isolated to your left calf and it has been there for a few days I would suggest you get this checked out. One possibility like you rightly pointed out is a blood clot.
 I would suggest you get an ultrasound scan done of your leg to rule out a blood clot and avoid vigorous exercise till you get the scan done.
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