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Advice on corona virus for pregnant women ? Have there been any studies done on the effect of the corona virus on pregnant women? What about SARS or MERS?

Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @nightspray  thank you for your question. 
In terms of coronovirus, there is insufficient data to conclude that there is possibility of maternal to neonatal (fetus) transmission. And the same for SARS and MERS. 

Further,  in general, pregnant ladies are more prone to infections and more susceptible to complications that can arise from infections. 
For the case of these respiratory viruses (SARS, MERS, Influenza,  Covid , etc), the primary concern is that of pneumonia. 

Theoretically pregnant ladies have less respiratory reserve compared to another person of the same age who isn’t pregnant. As a result, this means they are less likely able to compensate if they were to develop pneumonia which causes a further decrease in lung capacity. Pregnancy also alters immunity which may increase risk and severity of infections. 

I would refer to pregnant ladies as an at risk population and would advise increase precautions such as hand hygiene/using mask/avoiding crowded areas especially during the third trimester. If you know of a positive contact you’ve been near to/went to high risk areas in Singapore and develop symptoms of respiratory illness, it would be good to visit a GP or ANE ASAP depending on severity. At present the most important thing is a high degree if suspicion rather than the type of symptoms one has. 

I hope this helps! 
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