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Alternative medicine/ practice for recovering cancer patient

Hi, one of my family member who is around 60 suffered from colon cancer and had undergone the treatment and recovered from it. However, recently when she went for the periodic check up, her CEA cancer marker is slightly above 3. The doctor said that is something not to worry too much about. Can I ask if there is any form of alternative medicine/ practice that can help to avoid the cancer from coming back? Thank you
Dr. Ram J
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Hi @brainyCamel521, thank you for your question. There is some ongoing research on the use of alternative therapies such as herbal medicine and acupuncture etc in the treatment of colorectal cancer, but the evidence has been limited and equivocal so far. The best advice would be to continue regular follow up with CEA and periodic endoscopic surveillance assessments as advised by the specialist. All the best and hope your family member recovers well! 
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