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Are blue light glasses useful for laptop and mobile device?

Are blue light glasses useful? I spend hours in front of my laptop and mobile device daily.
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @maybe78 unfortunately not - the Science behind blue light glasses is not definitive. Although excessive blue light exposure can affect the sleep cycle, the amount from device screens has not been conclusively shown to cause any problems to health in general or in the eye. That said, the sun itself emits large amounts of blue light/ UV radiation, and excessive sun exposure can damage the eye. Avoid looking directly, and wear sunglasses on hot days or when driving.

Ultimately if you find that you lead a lifestyle with large amounts of exposure to digital screens such as laptops, mobile devices, and televisions, here are 2 key things to improve your eye health and minimise the impact on sleep;

1) Take visual breaks
This is important, especially during prolonged continuous visual tasks such as browsing social media, reading documents, or drawing on these device screens. This means to take a break every half-hour or so, to look further away at something in the distance. You may find looking out of the window at nature every once in awhile to be particularly relaxing!

2) Avoid screen time in the 2 hours before your bed time.
Instead, try to do something relaxing such as to go for a walk, or have a conversation with your loved one (although, depending on circumstances this may not always be relaxing 😂 ). Other tips to improve sleep are to avoid drinking liquids in the 2 hours before your bed time, and to try and incorporate some exercise in the first half of your day.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology are a reputable resource for eye health matters, and they provide a detailed discussion about blue light and eye health here:

I hope this helps!

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Hi Dr. Dinesh, may I ask would blueberry or bilberry extract, or lutein help to relieve eye strain? Especially for people who spent long hours in front of laptops or cell phones, would you recommend to take these?