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Are my conditions related and what should I do?

I am a 24yr old female and have experienced significant joint pain, weakness and numbness for at least 3 years. 
At age 13 I was diagnosed with external tibial torsion at ~45° and was given insoles which did not help much and I never saw the same doctor, so eventually stopped treatment. 
At around 21 years old I began experiencing a lot of spasms and pain in my lower back and numbness in my legs. After 2 MRI scans over I years I was found to have disc protrusions in the lumbar and degenerative spondylitic change as well as bilateral protrusio acetabuli, with mild bilateral cartilage degeneration and mild fraying of the superolateral acetabular Labra. (See attached image of MRI results).

I have had 2 NHS physio courses and have been trying to keep them up but the pain in my hips and knees (burning or throbbing pains?) are getting worse and numbness, pain and swelling in my fingers toes and wrists. I'm unsure what to do or if the conditions interact.


Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @reed I'm sorry to hear about this! Yes you are right, these conditions can interact as the pattern of pain for these joints which are considered "weight bearing" often prompts the individual to adopt adaptive postures when standing/walking/exercising. While these relieve pain temporarily, they deviate from optimal biomechanics and can result in build of "over use"/strain related injuries or progression of underlying problems in other weight bearing joints in severe cases. 

In terms of determining what to do next, the progression in symptoms along with numbness/pain indicate potential worsening nerve impingement and requires a review with a trained orthopaedic specialist for an examination. It would be best to arrange a follow-up with your original doctor as they will be familiar with your condition. In the mean time until your review with them, do minimise strenuous activity and avoid carrying any heavy weights. Hope this helps!
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