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Awoke with sudden, sharp, icepick-like stabbing pain in my upper left thigh. It is in the soft tissue, not a joint. No injury that I know discoloration or bruising; still exquisitely tender.

Never had this, half a day later - still extremely tender to the touch!  concerned about a possible blood clot? (Never had one before, have no history of same.)
Dr. Ken J T
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Hello oldancer,,

Sorry to hear about the sudden pain. Sharp upper thigh pain can have a few different causes. Nerve related issues either from the spine and lower back, or around the pelvis could be responsible. You may want to check out a condition called meralgia parasthetica which comes from nerve compression around the pelvis. Also, even though it feels like soft tissue, it’s still a possibility it could be  coming from the hip joint too. Either way, if it doesn’t go away would be good to get it checked out by a medical professional.
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