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Back ache

Hi there! My back aches a little bit after carrying weights, but I can still walk around and carry on my daily activities.
May I know if heat therapy or icing could help relieve the ache, or if not, are there any other options? I would like to avoid taking painkillers if possible. Thank you!
Dr. Andrew A
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Hi @mrhealth, sounds like your back aches specifically come after carrying weights and resolves shortly with rest. In that sense, sounds like your back aches are acute in nature. Icing tends to work for acute injuries and could help in your case. 

Having said that, I would recommend that you get a proper check up for your back. Sometimes, the back aches you may be experiencing may be due to a less than ideal posture or inappropriate way of carrying the weights. Simple advice after a proper check up by a healthcare professional can help to uphold the long term health of your back!
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