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Bad throat pain, feeling like something is stuck

This happened two days ago - after dinner i gradually felt some throat pain as i swallow. It started to get worse yesterday. 

The sensation of the pain is different from the usual scratchy feeling but instead it felt like something is stuck at the bottom of my throat. 

I've no fever and have been taking soft food since last Friday as I went for wisdom teeth surgery and was on GA. 

I understand it could be sore throat from the GA but it happened 1 week ago and I've recovered from the initial sore throat. This felt like something different. 

Do i need to be concerned? 
Dr. Rosanna T
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Dear Tan, 

What you’re describing sounds like what we call a globus or sensation of something in the throat. There are various causes and indeed, it may be due to the recovering sore throat that you felt after GA, since it seems to be a new problem and given your recent history.

Other common causes include post nasal drip or  reflux . I would advise you to watch it for now if it is not causing you too much discomfort, difficulty breathing, eating or speaking. 

However, if it persists , it would be advisable to see a doctor or even do a nasoendoscopy (can be done as a quick bedside procedure in a clinic by ENT Doctors) to have a look. Just in case there are dangerous causes. 

Hope you get better! 
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Thank you for the reply!