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Been having blocked nose for 1month in the morning & night. Went to GP twice and they say it is sensitive. Is there any way to resolve my blocked nose?

Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @_yt . Thanks for your question! 

Other than medication, for such a condition, the best way to resolve it would be to remove the offending agent. 

We see many patients with persistent symptoms which are usually attributed to dust/cold air. Occasionally, it can be related to certain foods which trigger the condition. It is important to figure out for yourself what is causing triggering your symptoms. Patients often overlook locations/objects that can retain dust. Such examples include air conditioner unit/stuffed animals/carpets. 

In terms of medication, you may want to try nasal sprays such as avamys/nasonex/oxynase which can help relieve symptoms. Though I would suggest trying to remove the offending agent where possible as medications are only temporizing. 

Though, if you develop fever/purulent nasal discharge (appears very thick and foul smelling)/significant facial pain or headaches, these could be signs suggesting you are having an episode of sinusitis. These occasionally require antibiotics and I would advise you to see a GP if it occurs. People with sensitive nose or "allergic rhinitis", are more predisposed to such infections. 

Hope this helps! 
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Thank you so much for the advise.