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Hi, I would like to ask a few questions. I just got married last year but my husband and I have no plans of having a child just yet. I have just started taking monthly contraception last month and I had my period on 6/6 which lasted till 10/6. I then started a new pack of the 21-days pill right after I ended my period. I missed out a pill on 13/6. We had unprotected intercourse on 16/6 (11pm) and 19/6 (6am). I went to see a doctor on 19/6 to be prescribed with Ella (emergency contraception) which i took it at 9pm, all within the range of 72 hours from 16/6 to 19/6. Today, 3 days after taking the emergency contraception, I get bleeding just like my period. Is this normal?
Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear Slid. Thank you for your question. It is possible to have breakthrough bleeding when you just get started on oral contraceptive pills. I will recommend starting the 2nd pack of your oral contraceptive pills on the first day of your menses and take your medication daily at about the same time. Please use barrier contraceptives for the first 2 months of oral contraceptives to prevent unplanned pregnancy. 
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