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Blood in saliva every morning.

hi, would like to know if this means anything serious. most morning i’d wake up feeling sore in my throat and whenever i’m washing up, i’d gargle my mouth and found to see blood in my saliva (brownish colour) as i spit the water out. however this only happens in the morning.

p/s: i am still recovering from gastritis but have been feeling better since. wondering if the blood in spit has got to do with gastritis. hmm.
Dr. Kannan R
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Hi @ahhmeerah 

Sorry to hear this and hope you recover fully from your gastritis soon.

Blood in the saliva could mean multiple things - but basically we have to know whether its related to oral health vs post nasal drip ( mucus from back of the nose) vs lung/stomach.

If this is happening on a recurrent basis, its prudent that you make an appointment to see your family doctor earlier than later and discuss on how to move forward.
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