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Can covid19 land on all surfaces including food and drinks?


I have a question. Isnt it perfectly logical to assume that the sars cov2 can land on food and drinks when an infected person speaks , sneezes or Coughs? Assuming that, when another person consumes the food or drinks, doesnt it also bypass the throat to the stomach? Isnt there a theoretical possibility that the virus can be passed this way? Could this account for some of the unlinked cases? Another possibility is when a food handler sneezes into his hands and prepares cooked food to be taken away. Could it spread this way too? Im talking about food that is already cooked. Not food that will undergo cooking and heat
Dr. Felicia H
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Yes. It might be a possibility but the government is now enforcing food workers to wear mask of face fines. As Long S they have masks on, you should be safe. 
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