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Can I work out sore?

Hi, during Circuit Breaker, I have been exercising regularly. Some days I feel sore but I just continue exercising the same muscle group. Will I hurt myself if I work a sore muscle?
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @sickboiboi although muscle aches are part and parcel of exercise, pain is also the first sign an injury may be developing, some of which could permanently impair your ability to exercise. As a general rule of thumb, one should rest during aches like these. If pain persists despite a period of rest, then a consultation and examination with your doctor may be required.
It is also best to adapt your fitness regime to your own needs as everyone's body is different. If you find a lot of aching in a certain muscle group with your current regimen, you may want to explore focusing on other unrelated muscle groups and/or cycling between them to facilitate rest (e.g. cardio-legs training, and upper body-strength training). Hope this helps!
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