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Can stress cause a low-grade temperature?

Have been under considerable stress in past few weeks:  family issues, a death in family of  a close friend and sleeping poorly.  Have no other symptoms: appetite ok, no cough, no pain, slightly constipated a few days in a row: feeling depressed and lethargic.  Took temperature and it was 99.2; then at the most, it rose to 101.7; lasted less than 24 hours.    Am now normal, but still lethargic.
Dr. Mst S S S
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@oldancer thanks a lot for your nice question and sorry for someone’s departed soul.May Almighty grant his/her departed soul in peace. Yes it is really very tough to absorb. 
As your above mentioned question- yes chronic stressed can develop Low grade fever and sometimes it may cause psychogenic fever.
Moreover, if you are in stress then cortisone hormone is released which is called stress hormone.
If you are in chronic stress then cortisol hormone will inhibit to release of your good hormone and as a result Many disease may develop.
So take care of yourself and meditation can be a better way to get rid of from some mental stresses. I would like to suggest you todo some regular exercise and meditation everyday as wel as try to deep sleep. 
I wish your good health.

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