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Can you recover from GERD?

Dr. Ganesh R
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GERD is a complex condition that requires  proper investigation into the causes of both the acidity within the stomach and the mechanisms of the reflux of the acid into the stomach.
Thereafter, using this information, the diet and lifestyle modification that is required can be formulated. This goes a long way in relieving the symptoms.
Further to that would be very effective medication that would help with both acid reduction and the anti-reflux mechanism.
It is also important that a gastroscopy is done to confirm the diagnosis and to look for causes and complications of GERD like inflammation, ulcers and pre cancerous changes. To achieve this, it would frequently require biopsies during the gastroscopy. Helicobacter Pylori bacteria within the stomach is also an important cause will be tested for as well. There are other important tests like the pH and pressure monitoring or even the traditional barium swallow that can give further information on the diagnosis and severity of the disease. 
With all this information at hand, it can improve the symptoms and manage GERD very well.
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