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Cervical Examination when 37 weeks pregnant

I would like to find out how necessary this cervical examination is from being 37 weeks pregnant onwards? The clinic has claimed that this is necessary because I am due anytime soon.
But I am healthy and there has been no issue with my pregnancy. I am highly concerned that the OBGYN does this to induce labour. 
Dr. Quah S
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Hi @truffle2014 , congratulations on reaching 37 weeks of pregnancy! Almost there. The cervix examination is commonly done towards the end of pregnancy. The obstetrician does this to assess the condition of the cervix and see how soon the delivery will be.
37 weeks of pregnancy is considered full-term pregnancy. So you might go into labour any time from today till 40 weeks pregnancy.
Rest assured that the obstetrician will not induce labour by doing a cervix examination. Do share your concerns with your obstetrician at the next check-up. 
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