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Coronavirus Home Care

What treatment protocols would you recommend for treating a Coronavirus patient at home in the event of hospitals being overwhelmed? What equipment would be needed? What measures can help prevent the condition becoming severe? How to avoid infection of the care giver?
Dr. Dinesh G
Space Doctor
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Hi @JimJammer88 thats a great question and Im sure many have it at the back of their minds! However, other than rest and hydration, there are no proven home measures that can help to reduce the risk of severe disease so far. Care takers need to remain vigilant about hygiene to reduce the risk of transmission, and wash their hands after contact with the patient or the patient’s surroundings, as well as before eating or touching their own face.
Presently most patients have mild disease, with severe disease mostly described in elderly and those with concomittant disease. If the patient is getting more unwell, bring them for a review with a medical professional as soon as possible. Early detection is key for appropriate management of the patient. 

Equipment that are required for the management of severe patients are only available in hospitals and require monitoring by a health professional for safe usage. Rest assured, our leaders are already taking steps to develop contingency plans to ensure that our hospitals can meet the needs of our population if the situation gets worse.
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