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Could i have caught the virus if I don't have any fever? How can i be relatively sure not to have been infected without getting tested?

Hello, i've been feeling unwell for around 2 days; my throat hurts and i sneeze few times a day, my nose is clogged and i've been having a slight diarrhea and nausea. No fever at all however. Where i live, here in italy, test kits are running low and it's not easy to get tested. Can i be sure not to have caught the virus if I don't experience any fever? Is it possible maybe that I could've got infected with a relatively mild form of the virus?
Dr. Harshit K
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It is quite possible that you would be infected by COVID -19 and be experiencing mild symptoms. 80 % of all cases of COVID -19 are either asymptomatic or show mild symptoms. Even if you are positive for COVID -19, your treatment will not change for the type of symptoms you are currently experiencing. If you experience breathless and/or symptoms seem to worsen contact your country's COVID helpline/hospital.
Maintain self isolation and try to follow these guidelines -
Do te if you have any more queries.
Take Care
Dr. Harshit K

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