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Covid19 Can I have phemonia without fever.

As qn posted, wat r e systoms of phemonia? I have itchy throat for about 2 weeks nw. I don't cough alot no fever through this 2 weeks. But on off I will feel pain on my chest. However when I cough or sneeze or blurp my chest won't feel painful. For the ongoing virus, does phemonia onli comes when ur having fever? Or u can have phemonia without e fever. 
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @Two002 . Thank you for your question! I assume you are referring to pneumonia in this case. 

Pneumonia is classified as a lower respiratory tract infection and hence symptoms tend to be slightly different. Also depending on if it is a viral or bacterial cause, symptoms can differ as well. In general, most people would have fever, productive cough, difficulty taking deep breaths or rapid breathing, pain on breathing in or coughing though the severity of which can defer from patient to patient. 

Chest pain can have a variety of diagnosis on its own and it would be wise to see your GP if it is persistent. It might not be directly related to your sore throat or a respiratory illness and the most common cause is more of a muscular problem. 

Pneumonia does not only occur when you are having a fever and vice versa. In the current COVID situation, symptoms can vary and the main concern is that of a pneumonia as it can lead to deterioration. Most patients were noted to be having a fever but there are patients with mild symptoms/low grade fever based on limited available data. 

I would recommend you to see a doctor regarding your throat though. It may not be an infectious cause but may require some medications and evaluation. 

Hope this helps!
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