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Doctor's Letter?

My primary one son wakes up every morning with stuffy nose and sneezes a lot for the next hour. This has been ongoing for some time since he started waking up early for school this year. It doesnt really bother him much as it will go away after a while. However, with COVID-19 concerns lately, he was sent home once last week due to his sneezing. We tried giving him Zyrtec which reduced the sneezing but do not wish to do so always since he is actually not bothered by it and we know it's due to his nose sensitivity and he is actually well and fit for school. His teacher has requested us to produce a doctor's letter. Is it possible to even get one?
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @Wen . Thank you for your question! I do receive a lot of similar requests. 

Yes most doctors will be able to provide a memo regarding the diagnosis after examination and history taking. Based on what you have written down it sounds possible to be related to allergic or vasomotor rhinitis (environmental causes) rather than an infective cause. The aforementioned is even more so if you/your husband or your son has a history of eczema/asthma/allergic rhinitis. 

Though you may want to call ahead as usually such memos are written by the resident doctor (in the event the clinic is being covered by a locum doctor). 

Hope this helps!
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