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Does Fixcom 3 making me dizzy or maybe my high blood pressure is the cause of this?

I have tubercolosis and i am doing my medication by taking Fixcom 3 as my medicine 4 capsules a day, since the first time i drank my medicine i did it simultaneously then as the result, i kept vomiting. The doctor recommended me to take it 2 capsules per morning then 2 capsules per night, then it went great. After 4 months i tried to take my medicine 4 capsules simultaneously again and nothing happened so I continue to kept taking it simultaneously everyday, after a few days, i felt kinda dizzy, hard to focus and having a hard time to read (i even had a hard time constructing this question) i felt it last week and until now im still experiencing dizziness, im suspecting my medicine or maybe because i have a high blood pressure because before my last check up, which is the last week of August, i discovered that my blood pressure is 150/90. So my question is "Does Fixcom 3 making me dizzy or maybe my high blood pressure is the cause of this?"
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @JgS. Thank you for your question. I hope your recovery has been smooth so far and it must be tough for you. 

You are right to say that Fixcom can cause dizziness as it is a combination medication. But I would say that what is concerning for me is that you feel you are having a hard time to read which can indicate issues with eyesight. As some of the components of Fixcom can cause issues with your eyesight which are potentially sight threatening, I would recommend you immediately have your vision evaluated in this scenario. 

Dizziness has an extremely broad range of possible causes other than medication induced/ related to hypertension and it is possible to be due to slightly raised blood pressure. I would say it is extremely uncommon for a young man to have high blood pressure and you should be evaluated if this is persistent. The best way is to get a machine of your own and check every morning and night for a week and show it to a doctor. A single isolated reading of high blood pressure is insufficient for the diagnosis of high blood pressure. 

So in summary, do get your eyesight checked and evaluated further for your high blood pressure. 

Hope this helps!
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