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Why do I have excess vaginal discharge and irregular periods?

Excess vaginal discharge, had regular periods after two month of se. but now irregular periods and its been 20days i didn't hit my periods. I had sex before two months, and i had refular periods for two months after sex, but now (third month) its been 18days i didn't get my periods i feel nausea, cough, fever, flue, regular vaginalDischarge. Please guide
Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear @sebastian. It will be good to do a urine pregnancy test to ensure you are not pregnant in view of delayed menses. Menstrual cycle can be irregular especially if you are down with a cold or unwell. You might wish to consult your gynaecologist or family physician if you have persistent irregular menses. They might consider further investigations or start you on hormonal tablets to regulate your menses. Hope this helps.
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