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Feel like there is foreign substance/ stuff In eye

Can feel It when I blink and when I roll my eyes the object moves with it. It feels like it’s on the inner eyelid
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Curiousity thats a great question! There are many possible causes for what you describe, ranging from dry eyes to a foreign body thats lodged in the eye. Unfortunately an examination by a doctor or possibly an eye specialist may be required to make that distinction - and I would recommend to get that assessment early. If you would like to seek further care in the public sector, you may need to see a polyclinic for an assessment by the doctor and referral if required. If you would like to see an eye specialist in the private sector, you could use a teleconsult app like DoctorWorld for a detailed consult and a referral to an eye specialist if required. Hope this helps 😊
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