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Is GERD curable? Tips How To Overcome This Condition

Just seen an ENT specialist for my persistent throat itch and was diagnosed with GERD.  Is GERD reversible? how long does it take for my throat itch to go away? am I allowed to take the food that I've been told to avoid once i recovered, or is this a permanent thing? 
Dr. Bryan K
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Hello @Doug , GERD is a condition that can be attributed to a variety of causes. Assuming that potentially reversible structural causes (e.g hiatal hernia) have been ruled out, your condition can significantly improve within a week with strict adherence to a dietary regime and some medication. Avoid spicy/ oily food and large meals especially during dinner times. Have smaller but more frequent meals. Your doctor may prescribe you with medication such as prokinetics (such as domperidone) and acid suppressants (such as omeprazole) during the acute episode. Even if you have recovered from the symptoms of GERD, I still discourage taking the food you’ve been asked to avoid in large quantities as it may precipitate the onset of symptoms again. 
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Thanks doc for the info. sad that i have to adjust to this lifestyle, but live goes on i guess.