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Having Cough,body pain , body weakness since last 5 days, feel like fever but temperature max is 37.1 C. Went to GP taking Antihistamine. I am scared as the virus is spreading. Can I have the covid?

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Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @Na . Thank you for your question!

At present it would be difficult to say as to whether you could have COVID or not. Most of the time, suspicion is still based of contact history and patients travel history (in sg and overseas). If you feel you have been to any high risk areas or noted that there were people around you that were unwell, you should go to see a GP for a review again especially if the symptoms are worsening rather than improving. 

As patients presenting with COVID have a wide variety of symptoms which could be as simple as running nose, it is often difficult to tell based on symptoms alone. Having said that, there are some symptoms that have been present in more COVID patients compared to the seasonal flu which include  high fever with sudden onset of symptoms, loss of smell, difficulty breathing and chest pain. 

If it helps to reassure you, most cases are linked to clear clusters and if you have only been going to work/home and travel by private transport, I would say you risk is lower than the average person. 

Hope this helps! 
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