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Hello Doctors, im currently experiencing vertical monocular diplopia (double vision persists when either eye is covered). It started 2 days ago when I was using my phone before bed.

The picture I’ve attached somewhat describes what im seeing but it’s less mild. Double vision doesn’t occur when im looking at real life objects, only at words on screen. When I rest my eyes/after a night of rest, the diplopia is resolve however it comes back after a while.

There is also this general sense of feeling that there is something weird about my vision when I go out. 

I also have ringing in my ears as well but it’s something I’ve been dealing with for some time as I have a high frequency hearing loss.

Im very worried it could be something serious as I’ve been experiencing alot of stress at home and at work, as well as stressing over this. 

Can i get an opinion on this? And if I should go to an optometrist to get new prescription for my glasses or an opthalmologist for a consultation.

I’ve been using eye drops since yesterday, but not sure if it’s helping.

Please assist, thank you so much! :-)


Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear Jeff. It is not usual to have double vision. The cause can be due to abnormality in the brain ( Central ) or the ears ( peripheral).  It is important for you to consult an opthalmologist. Alternatively, you may visit the Emergency Department for a consultation. Imaging of the brain might be considered to rule out central causes of diplopia and tinnitus. Kindly go to Emergency department if you have any weakness or numbness of hands and legs. Thank you.
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