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Hello everyone, I have a few questions for the doctors and members in this community

1) What are some of the most pressing/common problems that you guys have faced/observed/heard due to Covid-19 (e.g it could be misinformation online, too many information everywhere leading to confusion, isolation at home taking a toll on your mental health)

2) Any feasible ideas you have to cope with the aforementioned problems

3) What is one thing you feel that would help you cope better during this circuit breaker and in such challenging times?
Dr. Jeanel G
Space Doctor
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Hi @Gabriel 

Thanks for ur questions. Sounded like an essay in the making. 

From my point of view: 
Pressing Problems:
1) Numbers of covid-19 rising- rate of community spread is relatively high in Singapore compared to other developed countries in Asia 
2) Resource allocation- with more cases, Increased need for resources such as ICU/isolation beds, manpower including lab staff, Nurses etc. And hence prioritisation of need for non-covid19 cases in healthcare setting leading to postponement of procedures and reviews 
3) Disruption of schedule with lockdown 

Solution to the above mentioned issues would be to control the infection rates of covid-19. And how do we do that? 
Everyone plays a part.
Be socially responsible, stay home, minimise unnecessary travel, wear masks when out of the house. 
If we are able to control the numbers, it is hopeful that everything can return to normal. However, the bigger issue is regional and global as the economy has taken a great hit. 

How to cope better: 
 If you are unable to change the situation, the best way is to change your mindset. Circuit breaker is a national effort with an aim of curbing infection rates by minimising contact within the community and hence community spread of covid-19. Staying home may be challenging for some, but it is still better to be home healthy than to be in the hospital unwell. 

I hope this helps. 

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Hi Dr. Jeanel G 

Thank you for taking time out to answer my questions. Really appreciate it :) Have a good day ahead!