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Hi Doctors. It is worrying that there is increasing numbers of unlinked cases. Recently, in clusters, individuals appear to be unrelated and yet got infected with the virus.

Does it mean that it is quite obvious that these unrelated contacts from the same area might be infected via aerosolized transmission (in lifts) and/or from touching contaminated objects? There are medical journals suggesting that transmission is usually through respiratory droplets getting into our bodies via the mouth and nose, not so much the eyes, is that validated? Also, assuming someone sneezes and the droplets land on our hair, is there a theoretical possibility that when we shampoo, these droplets might gain entry to our bodies when the water flow down to our face/eyes/nose/mouth?
Dr. Dinesh G
Space Doctor
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Hi @BusinessJing unrelated clusters is consistent with the level of spread that has been announced. Fortunately for us in Singapore, the authorities have been very proactive about contact tracing, and our peers have readily adopted social distancing and hygiene measures which greatly helps to suppress the spread. Shampoo/soap are antiseptic substances that can be used to kill the virus, and therefore protect you in that situation.

In terms of the latest evidence - there is only proof of spread by respiratory droplets which can get into the body directly/indirectly via mucus membranes such as the mouth/nose/eyes. CDC has confirmed that there is no airborne spread as they are too heavy to remain suspended in the air and drop onto surfaces. This indirect spread occurs through contact of contaminated surfaces/items ("fomites") as you alluded to, or direct through projection when someone coughs or sneezes.

Therefore it is imperative to practice social distancing/hygiene, and for those that have such symptoms to wear masks to protect those around them. More information about this is available on MOH's health advisory and FAQ here:
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