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What is the post-surgical care of the cochlear implant?

Hi Dr, I would to know more about cochlear implant. What is the post operation care? How Long after op. can the person hears well. My husband is 76 yrs old, considering this operation. Will they do both ears at the same time? What brand of implant is good? And what is the estimated cost?
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Me generally, post operation care involves keeping the wound clean and dry with a review around a week post-procedure by the surgeon. Cochlear implants are used for severe hearing impairments, to bypass the hearing organ and transmit sound signals directly to the hearing (cochlear) nerve. The implant may not be turned on immediately after surgery until the surgical site has had some time to heal, and most patients require a period of rehabilitation to get accustomed to the implant. All in all, results vary between individuals and it may be weeks after the procedure that they are able to hear well. Have a detailed consultation with your husband’s surgeon for more personalised information about cost, recovery time, post op care, etc based on his condition as these will also depend on the type of implant and the surgical technique.
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