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Experiencing blood clot discharge every period - Do I need to See a Doctor?

Hi, experiencing blood clot discharge every period. Usually,it is dark red&jelly-like on 3rd day of menses, with cramps(about 4-5cm, is this considered quarter In size). Do I need to see a doct for it
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @htg . Thank you for your question!

I would say that if this is unusual for you, you should definitely see a gynaecologist. Sudden increase in menstrual flow/blood clots can indicate underlying disease which can be as simple as Fibroids/thickened uterus lining all the way to forms of cancer (though much less likely). The initial evaluation usually just involves a simple ultrasound. Rest assured, there is usually a benign/no cause but you should get it evaluated regardless. You may want to approach polyclinic to get a referral to KKH/NUH Gynaecology or seek help with a private gynaecologist. 

Hope this helps!
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