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My back Passenger cough/sneeze behind me, will the virus get into me If I did not wear a mask?

Hi I am a Grab driver. If my back passenger confirmed positive (not knowingly) n if he cough/sneeze behind me will the virus get into me if I did not wear a mask? Thks for answer.
Dr. Bryan K
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Hi @Suzanna, if your passenger was tested positive for COVID recently after coming into contact with you in your car, in view of the close and enclosed proximity there is a chance you may have caught the virus especially without wearing a mask. I strongly recommend adopting the precautions of social distancing/ hand wash/ wear a mask and to see a doctor immediately if you feel unwell. If the time period between the diagnosis and your contact with the patient was recent enough, you should have been contact traced too for quarantine 
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Many thanks for your prompt reply.  Stay safe. Have a nice day.