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HPV Vaccination: Is it needed even if you are each other's only partner for life?

Hi, I understand that HPV Vaccination is important for both males and females. Studies have shown that even virgins can contract HPV, however, the caveat is that 'virginity' is defined in the studies as solely no sexual penetration, but there can be other sexual contact - which is the likely source of HPV in these cases. However, for a couple who both have not had *any* sexual interaction (i.e. none at all, unlike the definition in medical studies), and who are each other's *only partner for life*, is there still a need for them to be vaccinated against HPV? Thank you!
Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear @ThankYou. Kindly note that HPV vaccination is recommended prior to any sexual interactions. You are right to point out that the risk of acquiring HPV is much lower if both partners are each other's " only partner for life". However no one can be 100% certain of their future and hence it is still advisable for patients to undergo HPV vaccination before sexually active. Hope this helps.
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