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Hi, Im going to have my first Gyne checkup soon. What should I expect and what should I ask?

Dr. Quah S
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Hi @igotz99problemz , I am making an assumption that this is the 1st gynae (obstetrician) check-up for pregnancy.
Usually for the 1st obstetrician visit, a few things happen:
- the obstetrician will want to know about your medical history, any long term medical problems, current medications / supplements, any previous pregnancies, any past surgeries
- a general examination which could include checking your blood pressure, height and weight measurements, abdominal examination 
- usually an ultrasound will be performed to look at the gestational sac or early fetus to confirm the pregnancy, and based on this to, check how many weeks gestation is your baby, and thus give you the estimated date of delivery (EDD)
- some blood and urine tests may be done, depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy you are at
- you will be prescribed some supplements and vitamins, which will include folic acid
- of course, the obstetrician will have a chat with you about what to expect throughout the different stages of pregnancy, what to eat, any activities to avoid etc. So you could ask the obstetrician about any concerns you have about the pregnancy and how to look after your own health and the baby's health.
I hope this answers your question.
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