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Hi, for people with body temp of around 37.0 to 37.6 and there was one ocassion where it was 38.0. Do you recommend that they get a covid 19 swab test done? They do not have other symptoms.

Dr. Tan Y S .
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Dear Wenda, a person's baseline body temperature may fluctuate quite a bit, depending on time of day, activity level, where the temperature was taken and the type of thermomter used!  However, T 38 is a fever, and there are so many causes: maybe viral, bacterial infections, or even some forms of cancer. 

I would strongly advise that someone with a fever (especially now with Covid-19), to please check for the nearest PHPC clinic, and call ahead to make an appointment. The attending doctor will need to assess, take a history, do a physical examination, and then advise accordingly. 
Stay well!
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