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How can I treat my dog allergy? I don't want to have to stay away from dogs.

Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @igotz99problemz that is a great question! This really depends on the type of allergy (IgE-mediated, etc) as well as the trigger for your reaction or "allergen". Some pet owners sometimes develop allergic reactions to their pets, much to the dismay of the poor #pawrents However, you may be glad to know that the underlying allergen may not be your pet itself, but instead something they carried with them from the environment. This may range from soil in the garden outside to dust from your storeroom that your pet has been digging around in. What you need is allergy testing and evaluation, services that are offered by some GPs, dermatologists, and allergists - best to call and check ahead of time whether your provider offers these services before making your way over to see them.
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