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How do I cure my ear infection naturally?

I have an ear infection in both ears. My hearing is muffled and has been for about a week. my ear canals and eardrums are red, but I am in no pain. I am having a psoriasis flare up that I think is due to eating copious amounts of sugar the other day, so I think it might be a candida issue, but I'm not sure. The doctor I saw wanted to prescribe antibiotic ear drops as a watch and see method, but I am pretty allergic to quinolones and never respond well to the drops. I am also a bit anxious thinking about taking oral antibiotics during the coronavirus pandemic because I live in Mississippi and everything is open at full capacity/most people think the virus is fake. I had c diff from overprescribed antibiotics that I cured with saccharomyces Boulardii, but I am terrified of inevitablelty resorting to amoxicillin. Is there anything I can do or take to naturally treat this bacterial and/or fungal infection without resorting to antibiotics? Thanks!
Dr. Ram J
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Hi @AmberD. Thank you for the interesting question. For ear infections, evidence supporting alternative therapies is limited. There are some suggestions that acupuncture may help with ear fluid clearance and hence resolution of ear infections, but these are merely postulations and have not been proven conclusively yet. Also, you may want to avoid ear candling, as there have adverse events reported from this practice.  

Antibiotics are indeed effective for clearing ear infections but there are side effects as you mentioned. You may consider non-quinolone based topical ear drop antibiotics (if you have no other contraindications), as this is a topical treatment that avoids the complications of systemic treatment with oral antibiotics. 

Regardless of your eventual choice of treatment, it would be best to get your infection sorted out as soon as possible, even if you do not have much pain or symptoms currently. This is because serious complications can arise from prolonged untreated ear infections such as mastoiditis etc. 

Take care and all the best!
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