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Why does my vagina smell weird?

I can sometimes smell my virginal discharge through my clothes. It’s usually right before my period that this happens. Is this normal and is there any lifestyle changes to mitigate this issue?
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @mona0lisa I'm sorry to hear that this has troubled you! It is normal for there to be a slight odour, and for this to have slight variation throughout the menstrual cycle. An online search about this often yields results like vaginal douching or deodorants, however these products often cause more problems as they disrupt the body's protective mechanisms including the natural flora that help to ward off infections. Some rinsing of the external genital area with water and mild soap will suffice for regular care.

However, a strong odour or a "fishy smell", irritation, abnormal discharge, or pain/burning sensation are symptoms that can be indicative of more serious underlying problems. If ever in doubt, do have a review with your doctor for an examination to check for any potentially reversible causes that can be treated. Other considerations at your age include a HPV vaccination to reduce your risk of cancer, which you can also discuss with your doctor. This is most useful before you have your first sexual encounter, and you can find more information at this link: 
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