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I feel numbness in my left leg, before this it just at my foot now i can feel it up to my hip. i even massage and walk around. this numbness continue for almost a week

Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @alonso, this is a symptom of nerve dysfunction which can have either local or systemic causes. Local causes are more likely given what you describe and especially if there was a particular injury or inciting event you can recall. These include slip disc or nerve impingement. Possible systemic causes include nutrition and metabolism related diseases. The distinction is made based on your previous medical history and a physical examination, followed up with tests if needed. Based on this, my recommendation would be to see a doctor in-person for an examination, and to avoid any strenuous activities or carrying of heavy things until you do so. Hope this helps!
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i already go to clinic, the dr didn't say anything and give me vitamin b. it does reduce the numbness, but i still can feel it.