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What are some common symptoms of hemorrhoids?

I have been having hemorrhoids for the past 1 year and there's some itching at my buttock area. I went to the polyclinic about 10 months ago and the bleeding stopped. But for the past 4 months, the bleeding came back again when I pass motion. I'm not sure if I should check the bleeding again. Is this something that I need to be worried about?
Dr. Jit F L
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Hello @wendy . You are 54 years old and experiencing bleeding during bowel motion. You should consult your family doctor or the Polyclinic doctor. The most likely cause of the bleeding is haemorrhoids (statistically). However, the greatest concern is the possibility of colorectal cancer as the cause of your bleeding. Currently, based on the Ministry of Health Guideline of Screening of Diseases, any Singaporean above the age of 50 is recommended to screen for colorectal cancer. If the person has bleeding in the stools, a colonoscopy is recommended.
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