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I have chronic urticaria, it got well but recently flared up.

1. I'm on Telfast 180mg for at least 1 month. Then reduced to 120mg. However, it flared up recently. 
2. Can I take 1.5 tab of the 120mg instead of going to get a 180mg? Do not want to visit a clinic at this point in time. 
3. Or any alt anti histamines like Zertec that I can use but twice a day that will have the same effect? 

Dr. Jeanel G
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Hi @Dan 
If your urticaria is well controlled on Telfast 180mg once a day dosage, u can up-titrate the dose by taking one and a half of the 120mg tablet to make it 180mg as a temporizing measure before your next clinic review. There are many anti-histamines that can be used in the treatment of chronic urticaria, but the choice of which depends on Clinical response and activity level (some may cause drowsiness). 
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