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Is there any good exercise for flatfoot?

I have flatfoot, just wondering if there are any good ways to exercise which will be good for my feet? Or if there's anything I should look out for in my workouts so that I don't make it worse? bcos it can get quite painful sometimes in my heels
Dr. Bryan K
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Hi @genevieve! You are not alone! Up to 30% of the adult population have flat feet, or what is known as pes planus. It is basically a loss in the medial arch of the foot.

As the foot is everted (turned outwards) due to the loss of arch support, this can cause a whole host of problems from the misalignment of your kinetic chain in movements such as squatting, or landing
from jumps.

Physiotherapy may potentially improve your flatfoot, and increase your capacity for exercise with less pain. To do so, you’d have to strengthen the muscles involved in maintaining the arch of your foot, which may include a muscle called the tibialis posterior, as well as the intrinsic muscles in your foot. Do check out this video by AthleanX, which provides a great explanation of how flat feet affects your workouts, and some exercises you can do to strengthen the relevant muscles. (​ od_JMk​)

Orthotics which provide adequate arch support can also be helpful in alleviating symptoms of pain. Thus, do take special care when choosing shoes to use for your exercise. You may wish to consult a podiatrist if you would like more advice on suitable orthotics to use.

Lastly, if your symptoms do not improve with conservative management, causing it to affect your lifestyle severely, you may wish to consult an orthopedic doctor and possibly explore other treatment options like surgery. Hope this helps!
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