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I have had heel pain for a few months now, does yoga help?

My heel pain has not recovered despite attending a few physio sessions. My friends recently started getting into yoga and I was wondering if yoga could help with this or make it worse.
Dr. Andrew A
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Hi @thelastblade! You have asked a very interesting question which has not actually been explored well in the scientific literature. If we go back to basic principles, the most common causes of heel pain include plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. Dependent on the severity of the condition, some patients can experience heel discomfort for more than a year.

The main risk factors for these problems include prolonged walking, improper footwear and tight calf muscles. The mainstay of treatment for these conditions will include rest, a change in footwear, gentle massage to the heel and proper stretching exercises. Stretching exercises could be in the form of physiotherapy or even yoga (if the focus is on calf stretches). Whether the stretching exercises are taught through physiotherapy or yoga, the main thing is to ensure that the stretching is done properly and regularly for a sufficient duration of time.

If proper stretching exercises are not able to help, you may want to consult a healthcare professional for a reassessment. There are other forms of treatment which can be considered as well, dependent on the exact cause of your heel pain.
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