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I have pretty bad menstrual cramps during my period, should I get it checked?

The pain is usually unbearable the first two days especially without the pills and heat pack. I once went to the clinic over this issue and the doctor asked if my period blood comes out in lumps — I only realised this after I left the clinic and have not been back to get it checked out. Is this a serious issue?
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @qek. Thank you for your question!

I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms as they sound quite severe. I do hope you can get an answer soon. 

The short of it is, yes, you should get it checked out usually by a OBGYN. The main purpose of further evaluation is to identify any possible secondary causes of your painful mensus (dysmenorrhea). 

Painful menus is not always due to an organic cause, but such a diagnosis of "primary" dysmenorrhea can only be made once other causes have been excluded especially in your case where this has been going on for quite some time. "Primary" Dysmenorrhea typically improves with age compared to secondary causes which tend to worsen with age. 

Secondary causes can include simple issues such as cysts or a thickened uterus lining which can be treated. 

If nothing is found, you may be given hormonal tablets to help control your mensus and reduce the pain. 

A typical check up would usually only require an ultrasound and is relatively non invasive. 

I hope this helps!
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Thank you for the detailed answer! Does the check up have to be while I’m on my period, or does it not matter?