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Tips to prevent Sweaty and itchy Feet

I have sweaty feet and it makes my feet itch and smell bad. I usually wear sandals as they are airy. Is there anything else I can do to make the situation better?
Dr. Andrew A
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Hi @mona0lisa! This certainly sounds like a problem which is causing alot of distress. Sometimes, people can experience certain parts of their bodies sweating more often (eg. palms, armpit, feet), or even 'generalised increased sweatiness'  just based on how one's body reacts to external stimuli. 

Specific to the feet, good foot hygiene is key! This would include ensuring proper washing of feet with soap every time a person takes a bath, thorough drying of feet, and sometimes even applying powder on the feet to absorb moisture (which can be from sweating). Wearing sandals and slippers can help at times as well. If your skin is sensitive to excessive sweating, this can cause itchiness. As such, proper

The problem is that when the feet are moist and warm, fungus and other microorganisms love to grow. We certainly do not want this situation to happen. So regular foot self-inspections can be helpful as well.

Itchiness can be mainly either due to the skin being too sensitive to excessive sweat and/or the presence of microorganisms/infections. As such, proper foot hygiene should be able to reduce at least some of the symptoms you are experiencing. If the symptoms remain persistent and/or are causing you significant distress, it will be advisable to seek attention from a medical doctor. 
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