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Why Do I Get Hives on My Skin when it is cold? Should I be worried?

I realise that I get hives on my skin when it is cold (like when I put an ice pack on my arm or when I put a cold mask on my face) is there a reason for this? Should I be worried?
Dr. Quah S
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@igotz99problemz You likely have this condition called cold urticaria. In patients with cold urticaria, the skin cells are sensitive to cold, and an exposure to cold triggers the release of chemicals such as histamine which causes redness and itchiness.
The treatment is simple:
1) Be careful of cold temperatures and environments eg. showering on a cold day, going swimming. Perhaps dip a hand or foot in the swimming pool and see if it causes hives before going into the swimming pool.
2) You can keep some oral antihistamines with you. Take an antihistamine pill before an exposure to cold OR when you develop hives. Common over-the-counter antihistamines are loratadine, cetirizine (Zyrtec) and fexofenadine (Telfast).

You should seek medical advice if your symptoms are persistent despite medication, or if you develop a serious reaction like eye swelling or breathlessness.
It is generally not a worrisome condition and most people learn to cope with it and lead normal lives. 

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