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Sprained my upper right shoulder and it caused a slight slip disk of my lower neck

Should I see a chiropractors ? Are they able to adjust the slip disk on my neck? I have also problems raising my arm above my shoulder level and experience lost of strength in my right arm. 
Dr. Ramesh S
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It is common to lose range of the shoulder or the neck (cervical spine) after a sprain injury due to muscular spasm, pain or tightness. 

It will be advisable to have an orthopaedic surgeon evaluate you by way of clinical examination to ascertain if the problem is with the shoulder or the cervical spine. The loss of strength and inability to raise your arm above shoulder level seems to point to a rotator cuff injury. If there was a suspicion of rotator cuff injury or tear, or a slipped disc of the cervical spine, a MRI scan of the affected region would be highly recommended. 

These issues can be addressed with analgesia and physiotherapy. If the scans reveal a rotator cuff tear or a significant nerve compression from a slipped disc - only then is surgery advised. 
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